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Research Papers

Below listed are the research works and school projects that I had accomplished.

Project Title: Emotional Dependence to Search Engines for Fulfilling Information Needs

Abstract: This research was conducted to investigate the existence of user’s loyalty to search engines and to analyze and compare the factors that affect user’s emotional dependence to search engines during their information seeking process. Within the scope of postgraduate students in Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, two focus group interviews were conducted to identify substantial factors and a survey was executed to seek the scale of agreement on these influential factors. The results of this study highlight the most salient influential factors and their importance of forming emotional dependence, and gave implications on how a certain search engine can attract users to emotionally attach to it. Overall, this study can be regarded as exploratory study which provided useful insights for future analysis about user’s emotional dependence to search engines for fulfilling their information needs.

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Project Title: Information Mining & Analysis – Statistical Analysis of Caravan Insurance

Abstract: This paper discussed “Caravan Insurance” Dataset from Dutch data mining company Sentient Machine Research. Total 86 variables with 5822 records were including in the data set. Our goal is to predict which customers are likely to buy caravan insurance based on the attributes of given records. We came out with total of 8 variables that can predict the caravan insurance buyers at the end of this paper by doing logistic regression with Clementine 12.0. This paper comprised with 6 Appendices (A,B,C,D,E and F).

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Project Title : Information Mining & Analysis - Predictive Models using Machine-Learning Techniques

Abstract: This paper continued predicting caravan insurance buyer based on the “Caravan Insurance” Dataset from Dutch data mining company Sentient Machine Research. In this paper, we used two machine learning models namely Decision tree (Using C5.0 algorithms) and Artificial Neural Network. The paper starts exploring relationship between caravan and other variables using web node. Machine learning models were generated by using training dataset and also evaluated their accuracy with testing dataset. Since, our training dataset include approximately 6% of caravan insurance buyers, we create a balanced dataset consist approximately 30% of caravan insurance buyers. We generate two machine learning models based on the balanced dataset to see significant changes if there is. Finally we discuss between logistic regression model that we already discussed in our previous paper and the machine learning models included in this paper.

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Project Title: Information Storage & Retrieval - Search Engines Optimization

Abstract: This article discussed optimizing web site for web-based Information Retrieval System, popularly known as Search Engine. This informational paper brought some Search Engine Optimization solutions in order to provide better picture on the topic discussed. Begin with brief introduction on how people search on internet and how queries are carried out to search engine result pages. The paper continues discussion such as title, use of metadata, keywords research, links binding, geo-targeting, optimizing dynamic contents such as flash & databases driven contents site. Before ending our discussion, I introduced some of the useful tools for SEO and carried out the big challenges waiting ahead for SEO professional.

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Project Title: System Analysis & Design - Information Systems Requirement Gathering using FAST Framework: Critical Analysis

Abstract: The paper intends to brief Information system requirement gathering by using the FAST framework. We will present how each FAST phase can be applied to real-life example of identifying system requirements and satisfying those requirements with the system.  In addition, discuss how FAST methodology critically contributes to the software knowledge area (knowledge, process, communication).  Finally, we will conclude with what are the limitations of our paper and how we will accomplish in future that dealing with this title.

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Project Title: Database Management Systems - Exploration of Data Warehouse

Abstract: Keeping processed data into a database for further operational usage is not much strange in today’s business environment. Storing, accessing and processing those data based on business requirements are also happen common. However, the needs of strategic decision making, business analysis and knowledge discovery brought us to integrate operational databases into a large store of database which technically terms as “Data Warehouse”.  Bill Inmon who universally recognized as the father of data warehousing created the definition of data warehouse as “a subject oriented, nonvolatile, integrated, time variant collection of data in support of management's decisions” [1]. This paper discusses from the perspective of exploration of data warehouse to introduce its concept, architecture, components and related functions/operations that each components performed.

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Project Title: Database Management Systems - E-Commerce Online Shopping Cart Website using ASP.NET with C#

Abstract: This paper explains database relationship and functionalities of virtual online shopping cart which we named as “iShop”. This web-based online shopping cart was developed by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE) with Microsoft .NET framework 2.0. We used C# programming language for code behind our .aspx pages. “iShop” acts as virtual online stores that sell basically three product categories such as music player, notebook and mobile phone. User needs to have an account to shop at “iShop” and creating user account can be performed easily. User must have a credit card specifically Visa, Master, American Express and JCB to shop at “iShop” virtual store. From the point of administrating at “iShop”, an administrator will have access to add new items for sale, update items if there are some changes in price or whatever the case might be. Additionally, administrator can also drop a certain item in case there is no stock last. Next section will discuss database schema of our “iShop”.

(Note: Working application will be uploaded under Software Application section in future once I get to host on ASP.NET free hosting server)

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Project Title: Information Management - Personal Information Management

Abstract: This paper discusses various aspects of Personal Information Management (PIM) such as its origin, human behaviors relating to the process of PIM, tools available, issues and usability measures of different PIM tools. By understanding various aspects of PIM, it will help us to become natural and effortless part of our everyday information management experience. In addition, managing personal information effectively will also contribute to organization in which we are related with.

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Project Title: Information Source & Searching - Evaluation of Database Search Capabilities

Abstract: This paper discussed the evaluation of 3 databases namely, Emerald Management Xtra, ScienceDirect Online and ProQuest - ABI/INFORM Global. The first section of this paper will introduce the general overview of the databases followed by introducing the evaluation results in tabular format. End of each table will have the comments section which tells more briefly on our evaluation process of each database. Finally, discuss which database has better functionality under certain circumstances.

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Project Title: Internet & Web Technologies - Developing Online Flash Gaming Website using CMS Tools

Abstract: This paper proposes for developing online flash gaming site for children and youths. Success of Adobe Flash and its flexibility brought us to integrate Flash content from Adobe’s framework and availability of numerous free games on internet allows us to develop flash gaming website successfully with low cost. We proposed our methodologies for our project development process. Conceptual website life-cycle was introduced and Gantt chart for estimated timeline was provided in Appendix A. Besides application development, other important area can be considered as evaluating our current developed website. We proposed ten heuristics from Nielsen, J. and Mack, R.L (1994) as our evaluation methodology. Approximate budgeting figures for both current and future plan are advised below and finally we concludes our proposal by discussing future potential of flash games involvement in other gaming platform such as mobile devices.

(Note: This website was initially hosted on http://zinmyintnaung.freetzi.com/gaminzone after submitting the documentation to the professor for assessment, however, my free web hosting provider was removed the whole content after reaching below the required number of minimum visits per month)

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