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Undergraduate Studies

I passed matriculation exam (local university entrance exam in Myanmar) with 3 distinctions out of 5 subjects that comprised with total of 9 modules. I got couple of chances to choose which university to go and which degree to take.

My parents favored medical school but I have totally no interest to become a physician and my interest since I was young fall on technology & engineering. Anyway, I decided to go for Computer Science degree and enrolled at University of Computer Studies, Yangon in year 2000 and graduated in 2004. I proceed to take Honours degree but after a few month schooling, I need to stop my academic life and dedicated to my full time job. I am not quite sure that's the right decision or not but I still have an ambition to take a master degree if I got a chance again

Below are my educational records and courses taken during my undergraduate period of time.



Date of Enrollment: April, 2001
Date of Conferment: January, 2004
Degree awarded: B.C.Sc (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Final Year GPA: B
Rank in class: 48 out of 610 successful candidates



Courses taken

Introduction to Computer Systems
Computational Mathmatics I, II & III
Business System Development & Computer Application Techniques I & II
Computer Programming & Techniques (C, C++, Visual Basic, VBA)
Object Oriented Programming & Data Structure
Digital System I & II
Assembly Language/Computer Organization & Artificial Intelligence
Data Communication
Software Engineering & Database Management Systems
Compiling Techniques
Operating Systems



After obtaining Computer Science degree from government university, I took professional certificate in Hardware Engineering & System Maintenance as my degree was fully focused on software & programming only. Although period of study for this certificate took about 5 months, I acquired very practical experiences in both hardware and computer network concepts.


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