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Post-Graduate Studies

In year 2009, August, I manage to pursue my master degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore by specializing Information Studies at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. I completed all my AUs (Academic Units) in January, 2011.

I am more convinced to myself regarding my post-graduate result if compared to my undergraduate studies. However, I still couldn't able to hit my desire score of final year GPA 4.5 and ended up with 4.0. I acquired some of the unforgettable experiences while leading all the school projects during my studies and I am more adapted to work with team instead of working alone. Project management skills, deadlines & quality of works are much more demanding in global university like NTU, Singapore.

I listed my post-graduate academic records and courses taken below.

Date of Enrollment: August, 2009
Date of Conferment: January, 2011
Degree awarded: M.Sc (Information Studies)
Final Year GPA: 4.0

Information Sources & Searching
Information Storage & Retrieval
Professional Seminar
Human & Computer Interaction (HCI)
Internet & Web Technologies
Database Management Systems
Mobile Applications Development
Critical Inquiry in Information Studies
Information Management
System Analysis & Design
Information Mining & Analysis



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