"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle" -- Kahlil Gibran

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Welcome to my personal website,

I had an idea of creating a website since couple of years back, however, I couldn't manage to do this.
Here I developed it finally. As old saying goes, most projects started but hardly to get finished and this website also include under one of them before Laughing.

I am making this website just out of my hobby and to share more information about myself and my interest. There's no other purpose beyond this at the moment. Anyway I voluntarily shared some of my school works and researches that I came to work on with. Although all the contents are in public state, I only shared this site to my close friends who shared same interest as me.You can walk along this website by visiting below links or provided menus.

Anyway I thank to all the visitors here and warmly welcome your feedback regarding any matter related to my self and about this website as well.
Alright, I will be ending my welcome part here. Oh, by the way, if you encountered broken links or having difficulties, please contact me here.


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Vote the best contributor to the world of Computer Science

Bill Gates (Founder of MicroSoft) - 28.9%
Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) - 15.6%
Niklaus Wirth (Inventor of Pascal) - 11.1%
Eric S. Raymond (OpenSource programmer) - 8.9%
Thomas John Watson (Founder of IBM) - 4.4%
Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor of World Wide Web) - 17.8%
Konrad Zuse (Inventor of World's First Computer) - 13.3%

Total votes: 45
The voting for this poll has ended on: 08 Aug 2011 - 00:00